autohypnotic /aw'toh hip not"ik/, adj.autohypnotically, adv.
/aw'toh hip noh"sis/, n.
self-induced hypnosis or hypnotic state.
[1900-05; AUTO-1 + HYPNOSIS]

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also called  Self-hypnosis,  

      hypnosis that is self-induced. Though feasible and possibly productive of useful results, it is often a sterile procedure because the autohypnotist usually tries too hard to direct consciously the activities that he wishes to take place at the hypnotic level of awareness, thus nullifying the effort. A form of self-hypnosis, or trancelike experience, is familiar to anyone who has been so absorbed in an activity that a moment or two is necessary in order to reorient to the existing environment. Studies that have been conducted with individuals who have reported having such intense, absorbing experiences have shown that these persons tend to be highly susceptible to a deeper form of hypnosis when induced by an experienced hypnotist.

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