/at"euh pee/, n.
an allergy, involving an inherited immunoglobulin of the IgE type, that predisposes a person to certain allergic responses, as atopic dermatitis.
[1920-25; < Gk atopía extraordinariness, equiv. to átop(os) out of place, unusual (see A-6, TOPO-) + -ia -Y3]

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      type of hypersensitivity characterized by an immediate physiological reaction, with movement of fluid from the blood vessels into the tissues, upon exposure to an allergen. Atopy occurs mainly in persons with a familial tendency to allergic diseases; reaginic (reagin) antibodies are found in the skin and serum of atopic persons. Atopy may be contrasted with the condition called delayed hypersensitivity, in which allergic symptoms take hours or days to develop. See also allergy.

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