/aht"n/, n. Egyptian Religion.
a solar deity declared by Amenhotep IV to be the only god, represented as a solar disk with rays ending in human hands.
Also, Aten.

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or Aten

In ancient Egyptian religion, a sun god, depicted as the solar disk emitting rays terminating in human hands.

The pharaoh Akhenaton (r. 1353–36 BC) declared Aton to be the only god, and in opposition to the Amon-Re priesthood of Thebes, built the city of Akhetaton as the center for Aton's worship, but Aton's religion is poorly understood. After Akhenaton's death, the old religion was restored.

King Akhenaton (left) with his wife, Queen Nefertiti, and three of their daughters under the rays ...

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▪ Egyptian god
also spelled  Aten 
 in ancient Egyptian religion, a sun god, depicted as the solar disk emitting rays terminating in human hands, whose worship briefly was the state religion. The pharaoh Akhenaton (reigned 1353–36 BCE) returned to supremacy of the sun god, with the startling innovation that the Aton was to be the only god (see Re). To remove himself from the preeminent cult of Amon-Re at Thebes, Akhenaton built the city Akhetaton (now Tell el-Amarna (Amarna, Tell el-)) as the centre for the Aton's worship.

      The most important surviving document of the new religion is the Aton Hymn, which was inscribed in several versions in the tombs of Akhetaton. Like some other hymns of its period, the text focuses on the world of nature and the god's beneficent provision for it. The hymn opens with the rising of the sun:

Men had slept like the dead; now they lift their arms in praise, birds fly, fish leap, plants bloom, and work begins. Aton creates the son in the mother's womb, the seed in men, and has generated all life. He has distinguished the races, their natures, tongues, and skins, and fulfills the needs of all. Aton made the Nile in Egypt and rain, like a heavenly Nile, in foreign countries. He has a million forms according to the time of day and from where he is seen; yet he is always the same.

      The only people who know and comprehend the god fully are said to be Akhenaton together with his wife, Nefertiti. The hymn to the Aton has been compared in imagery to Psalm 104 (“Bless the Lord, O my soul”).

 Akhenaton devoted himself to the worship of the Aton, erasing all images of Amon and all writings of his name and sometimes even writings containing the word gods. But the new religion was rejected by the Egyptian elite after Akhenaton's death, and the general populace had probably never adopted it in the first place. After Akhenaton's death, the old gods were reestablished and the new city abandoned. Aton worship was not fully monotheistic (because the pharaoh himself was considered a god), nor was it a direct precursor of monotheistic religions such as Judaism.

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