v. /as"peuh rayt'/; n., adj., /as"peuhr it/, v., aspirated, aspirating, n., adj.
1. Phonet.
a. to articulate (a speech sound, esp. a stop) so as to produce an audible puff of breath, as with the first t of total, the second t being unaspirated.
b. to articulate (the beginning of a word or syllable) with an h-sound, as in which, pronounced /hwich/, or hitch as opposed to witch or itch.
2. Med.
a. to remove (a fluid) from a body cavity by use of an aspirator or suction syringe.
b. to inhale (fluid or a foreign body) into the bronchi and lungs, often after vomiting.
3. to draw or remove by suction.
4. Phonet. a speech sound having as an obvious concomitant an audible puff of breath, as initial stop consonants or initial h-sounds.
5. Med. the substance or contents that have been aspirated.
6. Phonet. (of a speech sound) pronounced with or accompanied by aspiration; aspirated.
[1660-70; < L aspiratus breathed upon (ptp. of aspirare). See ASPIRE, -ATE1]

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      the sound h as in English “hat.” Consonant sounds such as the English voiceless stops p, t, and k at the beginning of words (e.g., “pat,” “top,” “keel”) are also aspirated because they are pronounced with an accompanying forceful expulsion of air. Such sounds are not aspirated at the end of words or in combination with certain consonants (e.g., in “spot,” “stop”). The voiced stops b and d in Sanskrit and Hindi also have aspirated forms that are usually transliterated as bh and dh.

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