/euh spar"euh jeen', -jin/, n.
a white, crystalline, amino acid, NH2COCH2CH(NH2)COOH, soluble in water, obtained from certain plants, esp. legumes, and used chiefly as a nutrient in culture media for certain bacteria. Abbr.: Asn; Symbol: N
[1805-15; < F; see ASPARAGUS, -INE2]

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One of the nonessential amino acids, widely distributed in plant proteins and closely related to aspartic acid.

First isolated in 1806 from asparagus, it is used in medicine and biochemical research.

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      an amino acid closely related to aspartic acid (q.v.), and an important component of proteins. First isolated in 1932 from asparagus, from which its name is derived, asparagine is widely distributed in plant proteins. It is one of several so-called nonessential amino acids in warm-blooded animals: they can synthesize it from aspartic acid.

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