/euh rooh"geuh leuh/, n.
a Mediterranean plant, Eruca vesicaria sativa, of the mustard family, having pungent leaves used in salads. Also called rocket, roquette.
[1965-70; appar. < an Upper It dial. form, akin to Lombard arigola, Venetian rucola < L eruca name for Eruca sativa (cf. It ruca), with dim. suffix -ola < L -ula -ULE; cf. ROCKET2]

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Yellowish-flowered European herbaceous plant (Eruca vesicaria sativa), of the mustard family, cultivated for its foliage, which is used especially in salads.

The leaves taste sharp and peppery when young and succulent but become bitter with age. A medicinal oil is extracted from the seeds.
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also called  roquette,  rocket salad,  garden rocket , or  rugola 
 (species Eruca vesicaria sativa), Mediterranean annual herb, of the mustard family (Brassicaceae), naturalized in parts of North America. Arugula grows to about 70 cm (2.5 feet) tall. Four-petaled, white, purple-veined flowers top its flower stalks. Thick, flat-beaked pods hug the stalk below, interspersed with stalkless, sharp-lobed leaves. The larger basal leaves have stalks and, when young, are used in salads as a seasoning on account of their pungent, peppery flavour. A medicinal oil is extracted from the seeds.

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