/euh row'/; Sp. /ahrdd rddow"/, n.
Claudio /klaw"dee oh'/; Sp. /klow"dhyaw/, 1903-91, Chilean pianist.

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(Podocnemis expansa) , also called  arran  or  giant South American river turtle 

      large and somewhat flat freshwater turtle with a neck that does not retract but instead can be tucked to the side and concealed beneath the shell (see side-necked turtle). Of the several South American Podocnemis species, arrau generally refers to the largest, P. expansa of northern South America.

      This species, known in Brazil as tartaruga da Amazonia, can attain a shell length of 90 cm (35 inches) and a weight of 60 kg (130 pounds). These dark-coloured river turtles have pointy snouts, big black eyes, smooth shells, and strong, scaly legs. The back of the shell is shortened and does not fully cover the base of the tail. They inhabit freshwater rivers and lakes in the Amazon and Orinoco basins, eating leaves, fruit, and seeds; hunting fish, shrimp, and crabs; and scavenging dead fish. They were formerly common along riverbanks, but people who live near these turtles relish the meat and also collect the eggs and even the hatchlings, a practice that continues even in areas where it is illegal.

      The females are often captured on traditional nesting beaches on sandy islands amid rivers. Each female digs a hole and deposits 80–200 eggs. The sex of the hatchlings is determined by the temperature at which the eggs incubate. Those eggs shaded by vegetation (25° C [77° F]) yield males, and those laid under open sand attain higher temperatures (30° C [86° F]) and yield females. The eggs destined to be females are preferentially harvested because they are easier to collect.

      Arrau and other side-necked turtles belong to the Pelomedusidae family of reptiles. These unusual turtles represent an ancient lineage stretching back to the Cretaceous Period, 144–66.4 million years ago.

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