/ahrm wahr", ahrm"wahr/, n.
a large wardrobe or movable cupboard, with doors and shelves.
[1565-75; < MF; OF b. armaire and aumoire AMBRY]

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      large two-door cupboard, usually movable and containing shelves, hanging space, and sometimes drawers. It was originally used for storing arms. The armoires designed by André-Charles Boulle (Boulle, André-Charles), the cabinetmaker to Louis XIV in the late 17th century, are among the most sumptuous and imposing pieces of Western furniture.

      The word, which sometimes denoted a cupboard set into the paneling of a room, was probably first used in the 16th century, when detailed carving based on Flemish design was characteristic of fine examples. In the following century geometric designs in high relief became more common; also, in the 17th century the name was extended to cover wardrobes and clothespresses.

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