/ahr ses'euh lay"euhs/, n.
316-241 B.C., Greek philosopher.

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▪ Greek philosopher

born 316/315 BC, Pitane, Aeolis [now in Turkey]
died c. 241

      philosopher who succeeded Crates as head of the Greek Academy; (Academy) he introduced a skepticism derived either from Socrates or from Pyrrhon and Timon. Refusing to accept or deny the possibility of certainty in knowing, Arcesilaus advocated a skeptical “suspension of judgment” (epochē). The stoics (who held a theory of “irresistible impressions”) attacked him for thus paralyzing man and vitiating the goal of philosophy, which they believed was to make man happy and vigorous. Arcesilaus replied that a wise man need know only that his actions are “reasonable” (eulogon).

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