/ahr"beuhr/, n.
1. a leafy, shady recess formed by tree branches, shrubs, etc.
2. a latticework bower intertwined with climbing vines and flowers.
3. Obs. a grass plot; lawn; garden; orchard.
Also, esp. Brit., arbour.
[1350-1400; ME (h)erber < AF, OF (h)erbier HERBARIUM; resp. with -or under the influence of ARBOR3]
/ahr"beuhr/, n.
1. Mach.
a. a bar, shaft, or axis that holds, turns, or supports a rotating cutting tool or grinding wheel, often having a tapered shank fitting tightly into the spindle of a machine tool. Cf. mandrel.
b. a beam, shaft, axle, or spindle.
2. Metall. a reinforcing member of a core or mold.
[1650-60; resp., by assoc. with ARBOR3, of earlier arber, arbre < F, OF < L arbor wooden beam or part in an olive press, tree]
arboresque, adj.
/ahr"beuhr/, n., pl. arbores /ahr"beuh reez'/. Bot.
a tree.
[1660-70; < NL, L: tree.]

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Garden shelter providing privacy and partial protection from the weather, most commonly a lightweight, latticed framework (trellis) of wood or metal with interlaced branches of vines or climbing shrubs trained over it.

If there is a distinction between an arbor and a bower, it is that the bower is an entirely natural recess whereas an arbor is only partially natural.

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▪ garden shelter
      garden shelter providing privacy and partial protection from the weather. The name is used for a modest garden building of any material; it has been applied to examples as varied as a wrought-iron shelter at Melbourne Hall, Derbyshire, Eng., and houses constructed of pebbles, brick, or masonry. It is more correctly limited to rustic garden houses that are made up entirely of interlaced branches of growing trees and shrubs or of greenery trained over a light framework of wood or metal. If there is a distinction between an arbor and a bower, it is that the bower is an entirely natural recess whereas an arbor is only partially natural.

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