Arab Legion

Arab Legion
a police force (1920-56) under British supervision, responsible for keeping order among desert tribesmen in Trans-Jordan.

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▪ Jordanian history
Arabic  al-Jaysh al-ʿArabī 

      police force raised in 1923 by British Lieut. Col. Frederick Gerard Peake (who had served with T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence, T E)'s Arab forces in World War I), in what was then the British protectorate of Transjordan, to keep order among Transjordanian tribes and to safeguard Transjordanian villagers from Bedouin raids. Peake's second in command, Maj. (later Gen.) Sir John Bagot Glubb (Glubb, Sir John Bagot), organized the Desert Patrol, a largely Bedouin branch of the legion, in the early 1930s. In 1939 Glubb Pasha, as he came to be known, became the legion's commander and transformed it into one of the most effective military forces in the Arab world. At the end of the first of the Arab-Israeli wars (1948–49), the Arab Legion, with some 4,500 men available for combat from its total force of 6,000, was the only Arab army that had been able to retain any Palestinian territory against the Israelis. King ʿAbdullāh of Transjordan later annexed those portions, which included Jerusalem, Hebron, and Nāblus. In April 1949 he directed that the official name of the country be changed to the Hāshimite Kingdom of Jordan.

      Even after Jordan proclaimed its independence from Britain, the Arab Legion remained under Glubb's command. Nationalist sentiment in the country grew, however, with much of it focusing on the legion's image of dependency upon the British—sustained by Glubb and his fellow British officers—as well as the accompanying lack of real opportunity for Jordanians in the corps. King Ḥussein (Ḥussein), who came into power in 1953, relieved Glubb of his command on March 1, 1956. The legion was then nationalized under the command of ʿAlī Abū Nawwār, Ḥussein's principal aide-de-camp. In that same year the Arab Legion, which was a volunteer army, merged with the Jordanian National Guard, a conscripted force, to form a unified Jordanian army.

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