Antarctic Peninsula

Antarctic Peninsula
a peninsula in Antarctica, S of South America. Cf. Graham Land, Palmer Peninsula.

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also called  Palmer Peninsula,  Graham Land , or  Tierra de O'Higgins 

      peninsula claimed by Britain, Chile, and Argentina. It forms an 800-mile (1,300-kilometre) northward extension of Antarctica toward the southern tip of South America. The peninsula is ice-covered and mountainous, the highest point being Mount Jackson at 13,750 feet (4,190 metres). Marguerite Bay indents the west coast, and Bransfield Strait separates the peninsula from the South Shetland Islands to the north. Many other islands and floating ice shelves lie off the coast. Several of the ice shelves broke up during the 1980s and '90s.

      One of the first recorded sightings of Antarctica occurred on Jan. 30, 1820, when William Smith, a sealer, and Edward Bransfield (Bransfield, Edward), of the Royal Navy, sailed through what is now Bransfield Strait and saw the Antarctic Peninsula. Many nations have operated Antarctic Survey stations on the peninsula or adjacent islands.

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