/euh noh"lee/, n.
any of numerous chiefly insectivorous New World lizards of the genus Anolis, related to the iguana, that have the ability to change the color of their skin among a wide range of green and brown shades. See illus. under lizard.
[1895-1900; var. of anoli < Carib]

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(genus Anolis) 
 any of more than 250 species of small, tree-dwelling lizards related to iguanas (iguana) (family Iguanidae (iguanid)). Anoles occur throughout the warmer regions of the Americas and are especially abundant in the West Indies. Like the gecko, most anoles have enlarged finger and toe pads that are covered with microscopic hooks. These clinging pads, together with sharp claws, enable them to climb, even over a smooth surface, with great speed and agility. Adult anoles may grow to 12 to 45 cm (5 to 18 inches) in length, and most species can change colour. The males have large throat fans, or dewlaps, that are often brightly coloured. The dewlap signals a male's possession of a territory and also serves to attract females for mating.

 A familiar anole (A. carolinensis, or green anole, commonly but erroneously called the American chameleon) is native to the southern United States. Its colour varies at times from green to brown or mottled, but its colour-changing ability is poor compared to that of the true chameleons of the Old World. Green anoles reach a maximum length of 18 cm and have a pink dewlap.

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