anno mundi

anno mundi
/ahn"noh moon"dee/; Eng. /an"oh mun"duy, -dee/, Latin.
in the year of the world.

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▪ Jewish chronology
Latin“in the year of the world”abbreviation  Am 

      the year dating from the year of creation in Jewish (Jewish religious year) chronology, based on rabbinic calculations. Since the 9th century AD, various dates between 3762 and 3758 BC have been advanced by Jewish scholars as the time of creation, but the exact date of Oct. 7, 3761 BC, is now generally accepted in Judaism. However, critical dates that underlie the calculations are uncertain. Rabbis used the genealogy in Genesis to calculate the date of the creation and then added to their calculations the time that had elapsed since the time of Genesis. Despite the uncertainties, many Jews use this dating system as a sign of attachment to tradition.

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