/an see"euhs/, n. Class. Myth.
1. a son of Poseidon who joined the Argonauts and became helmsman of the Argo.
2. a descendant of Lycurgus who, among the Argonauts, was second in strength only to Hercules.

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      in Greek mythology, the son of Zeus or Poseidon and Astypalaea (daughter of Phoenix), and king of the Leleges of Samos. In the Argonautic expedition, after the death of Tiphys, the helmsman of the Argo, Ancaeus took his place. According to legend, while planting a vineyard, Ancaeus was told by a seer that he would never drink of its wine. When the grapes were ripe, he squeezed the juice into a cup and, raising it to his lips, mocked the seer, who retorted with the words “There is many a slip between cup and the lip.” At that moment it was announced that a wild boar was ravaging the land. Ancaeus set down the cup, leaving the wine untasted, hurried out, and was killed by the boar.

      He is often confused with Ancaeus, son of Lycurgus, who also rowed with Heracles in the voyage of the Argonauts, according to Apollonius of Rhodes. According to Ovid's Metamorphoses, Book VIII, Ancaeus was slain by the Calydonian boar.

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