/un"euht tah'/, n. Buddhism.
the doctrine asserting the nonexistence of a personal and immortal soul. Sanskrit, anatman. Cf. Three Signs of Being.
[ < Pali: lit., breathless]

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Pali“non-self” or “substanceless” Sanskrit  anatman  

      in Buddhism, the doctrine that there is in humans no permanent, underlying substance that can be called the soul. Instead, the individual is compounded of five factors (Pali khandha; Sanskrit skandha) that are constantly changing. The concept of anatta, or anatman, is a departure from the Hindu (Hinduism) belief in atman (“the self”). The absence of a self, anicca (the impermanence of all being), and dukkha (“suffering”) are the three characteristics of all existence (ti-lakkhana). Recognition of these three doctrines—anatta, anicca, and dukkha—constitutes “right understanding.”

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