/an'euh bee"neuh/, n.
any of the freshwater algae of the genus Anabaena, commonly occurring in masses and often contaminating drinking water, giving it a fishy odor and taste.
[ < NL < Gk anabaín(ein) to go up (ana- ANA- + baínein to go) + L -a -A2]

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Genus of blue-green algae (cyanobacteria).

Found as plankton in shallow water and on moist soil, they occur in both solitary and colonial forms and are capable of nitrogen fixation. In northern latitudes in summer, extensive growth of Anabaena may form water blooms that remain suspended instead of forming a surface scum. A toxic substance produced is fatal to cattle and other animals if present in drinking water in sufficient concentration.

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 genus of nitrogen-fixing blue-green algae with beadlike or barrel-like cells and interspersed enlarged spores (heterocysts), found as plankton in shallow water and on moist soil. There are both solitary and colonial forms, the latter resembling a closely related genus, Nostoc. In temperate latitudes during the summer months, Anabaena may form water blooms.

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