/al"meuhn deen', -duyn', -din/, n.
a mineral, red iron aluminum garnet.
[1670-80; < F, MF < ML alamandina, alabandina a precious stone, prob. a kind of garnet, equiv. to Alaband(a) a town in Asia Minor + -ina, fem. of -inus -INE1; cf. ME alabaundaryne, alemaundine; cf. ALABANDITE]

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 either of two semiprecious gemstones: a violet-coloured variety of ruby spinel (q.v.) or iron aluminum garnet, which is most abundant of the garnets. Specimens of the garnet, frequently crystals, contain up to 25 percent grossular or andradite and are commonly brownish red; gem-quality stone is deep red and slightly purple. Almandine, the so-called precious garnet, is most often faceted for rings. Cabochon-cut (cabochon cut) (rounded, convex polished surface), deep red almandine is called carbuncle; (carbuncle) its base is often hollowed to lighten its colour. When rutile needles are included in the almandine, the cabochons often show a four-rayed asterism (star-shaped figure).

      Almandine is usually found mixed with both pyrope and spessartine. It occurs in metamorphic rocks, where its presence indicates the grade of metamorphism. It also occurs in granites and tonalites. For detailed chemistry and occurrence, see garnet.

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