/al kal"dee/; Sp. /ahl kahl"dhe/, n., pl. alcaldes /-deez/; Sp. /-dhes/. (in Spain and Southwestern U.S.)
a mayor having judicial powers.
Also, alcade /al kayd"/.
[1605-15; < Sp < Ar al-qadi the judge]

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▪ Spanish official
      (from Arabic al-qāḍī, “judge”), the administrative and judicial head of a town or village in Spain or in areas under Spanish control or influence. The title was applied to local government officials whose functions were various but always included a judicial element. Types of alcaldes were differentiated according to the specialized nature of their judicial functions: the alcalde de corte was a judge of the palace court with jurisdiction in and about the residence of the king; the alcalde mayor assisted the royally appointed judges (corregidores) in the towns. Alcaldes de crimen were the ordinary judges in criminal cases in Spanish audiencias (courts). From the 19th century the alcalde had the dual character of leader of the local council (ayuntamiento) and representative of the central government. His duties became mainly administrative with scarcely any judicial functions. Alcaldes de hermandad were minor municipal officials with police and judicial powers.

      In the Spanish colonies in the Americas, alcaldes ordinarios (magistrates) held seats on cabildos (town councils) along with regidores (councillors). Alcaldes mayores were a type of provincial governor. Alcaldes de hermandad (sometimes termed alcaldes de la Mesta) were rural police officials. From 1635 in Peru, and probably simultaneously in New Spain, the office of alcalde provincial was instituted, which closely paralleled that of the alcalde de hermandad. Alcaldes de indios were minor officials in the civil reducciones (Indian settlements) who answered to the cacique (local Indian chief) and the Spanish corregidor of the district. Alcaldes de barrio were in charge of districts in the larger cities. Corregidores and alcaldes mayores, often corrupt and rapacious toward their wards, were displaced by 1790 in most of Spanish America by new officials called intendentes (intendente) in Charles III's reform, following a similar policy initiated earlier in Spain and implemented by José de Gálvez, his minister of colonies.

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