/ak"euh luyt'/, n.
1. an altar attendant in public worship; altar boy.
2. Rom. Cath. Ch.
a. a member of the highest-ranking of the four minor orders.
b. the order itself. Cf. exorcist (def. 2), lector (def. 2), ostiary (def. 1).
3. any attendant, assistant, or follower.
[1275-1325; ME acolite < ML acolytus < Gk akólouthos follower, attendant, equiv. to a- prefix denoting association + -kolouthos, var. of KÉLEUTHOS road, journey]

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      (from Greek akolouthos, “server,” “companion,” or “follower”), in the Roman Catholic church (Roman Catholicism), a person is installed in a ministry in order to assist the deacon and priest in liturgical celebrations, especially the eucharistic liturgy. The first probable reference to the office dates from the time of Pope Victor I (189–199), and it was mentioned frequently in Roman documents after the 4th century. Acolytes also existed in North Africa but were unknown outside Rome and North Africa until the 10th century, when they were introduced throughout the Western Church. The Council of Trent (Trent, Council of) (1545–63) defined the order and hoped to reactivate it on the pastoral level, but it became only a preparatory rite, or minor order, leading to the priesthood. A directive of Pope Paul VI (effective Jan. 1, 1973) decreed that the office of acolyte should no longer be called a minor order but a ministry and that it should be open to laymen.

      In the Eastern Church, the order of acolytes was not accepted. In Protestant churches, mainly Anglican (Anglican Communion) and Lutheran (Lutheranism), acolytes are generally laypersons who light the candles at church services.

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