acidotic /as'i dot"ik/, adj.
/as'i doh"sis/, n. Pathol.
a blood condition in which the bicarbonate concentration is below normal.
[1895-1900; < NL; see ACID, -OSIS]

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 abnormally high level of acidity, or low level of alkalinity, in the body fluids, including the blood. There are two primary types of acidosis: respiratory acidosis and metabolic acidosis. Respiratory acidosis results from inadequate excretion of carbon dioxide from the lungs (lung). This may be caused by severe acute or chronic lung disease, such as pneumonia or emphysema, or by certain medications that suppress respiration in excessive doses, such as general anesthetic agents.

      Metabolic acidosis occurs when acids are produced in the body faster than they are excreted by the kidneys (kidney) or when the kidneys or intestines (intestine) excrete excessive amounts of alkali from the body. Causes of metabolic acidosis include uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, shock, certain drugs (drug) or poisons (poison), and renal failure (kidney failure), among others. Both respiratory and metabolic acidosis can be life-threatening and often require immediate medical attention. Compare alkalosis. (alkalosis)

John Hansen-Flaschen

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