achondritic /ay'kon drit"ik/, adj.
/ay kon"druyt/, n.
a meteorite containing no chondrules.
[1900-05; A-6 + CHONDRITE]

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 any stony meteorite containing no chondrules (small, roughly spherical objects that formed in the solar nebula). The only exclusions are carbonaceous chondrites of the CI group, which, though they are clearly chondrites, are so heavily altered by water that any evidence for their having contained chondrules is lost. Achondrites, constituting about 4 percent of the known meteorites, are similar in appearance to terrestrial igneous rocks that have a low silica content, such as basalts, peridotites, and pyroxenites. Most formed by various melting and crystallization processes within asteroids. The majority of achondrites belong to one of the following groups: acapulcoites, angrites, aubrites, chassignites, diogenites, eucrites, howardites, lodranites, nakhlites, shergottites, and ureilites. The shergottites, nakhlites, and chassignites almost certainly came from Mars. In addition, a small group of achondrites are believed to be derived from the Moon.

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