Ca·lu·sa (kə-lo͞oʹsə) n. pl. Calusa or Ca·lu·sas
a. A Native American people formerly inhabiting the southwest coast of Florida from Tampa Bay to the Florida Keys. The Calusa were extinct by the mid-18th century.
b. A member of this people.
2. The extinct language of the Calusa, of unknown linguistic affiliation.
  [Calusa, fierce people (sense uncertain) perhaps akin to Choctaw kallo, strong.]

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      North American Indian tribe that inhabited the southwest coast of Florida from Tampa Bay to Cape Sable and Cape Florida, together with all the outlying keys. According to some authorities their territory also extended inland as far as Lake Okeechobee. Their linguistic affiliation is not certain. Their estimated population in 1650 was 3,000 living in 50 villages. The Calusa relied more on the sea than on agriculture for their livelihood. They made tools and weapons of seashells and fish bones. Their dwellings were of wood, built on piles, and their sacred buildings were erected on flat-topped mounds. They were fierce fighters and accomplished seamen, paddling their dugout canoes around the Florida coast. In their early period there is evidence of sacrifice of captives and of cannibalism.

      The Calusa also journeyed to Cuba and other Caribbean islands, trading in fish, skins, and amber. During the 16th century they defended their shores from a succession of Spanish explorers. Some research indicates that they may have immigrated to Cuba during the 18th century as a result of recurring invasions by the Creek and the English, while other work suggests they may have joined the Seminole, who moved into Florida early in the 19th century and were later removed to Oklahoma.

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