sweet potatoes

sweet potatoes

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  • sweet potato — sweet potatoes N VAR Sweet potatoes are vegetables that look like large ordinary potatoes but taste sweet. They have pinkish brown skins and yellow flesh …   English dictionary

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  • sweet potato — 1. a plant, Ipomoea batatas, of the morning glory family, grown for its sweet, edible, tuberous roots. 2. the root itself, used as a vegetable. 3. Informal. ocarina. [1740 50, Amer.] * * * Food plant (Ipomoea batatas; family Convolvulaceae)… …   Universalium

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  • sweet potato — noun 1》 an edible tuber with pinkish orange slightly sweet flesh. 2》 the Central American climbing plant which yields sweet potatoes, widely cultivated in warm countries. [Ipomoea batatas.] …   English new terms dictionary

  • sweet-potato ring rot — noun disease of sweet potatoes in which roots are girdled by rings of dry rot • Hypernyms: ↑plant disease …   Useful english dictionary

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