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  • Boroughs — Borough Le borough (terme que l on peut traduire approximativement par en français par district ou arrondissement), est dans de nombreux pays anglo saxons, et pour la plupart des cas, la circonscription administrative d une grande ville,… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Boroughs and localities of Berlin — The boroughs and localities of Berlin The 23 former …   Wikipedia

  • Boroughs of Mexico — In Mexico, boroughs in which some municipalities and the Federal District are divided for administrative purposes are known as delegaciones (sing. delegación). Boroughs can either be second level semi autonomous administrative divisions –as it is …   Wikipedia

  • Boroughs incorporated in England and Wales 1882 - 1974 — The following is a list of towns in England and Wales which were granted charters of incorporation conferring borough status under the Municipal Corporations Act 1882. 1882 1889Forty six boroughs were incorporated in this period. Of this number,… …   Wikipedia

  • Boroughs of Montreal — Island of Montreal now: City of Montreal (366 km²) and 15 independent municipalities The city of Montreal is divided into 19 boroughs (in French, arrondissements), each with a mayor and council. Contents …   Wikipedia

  • Boroughs and localities of Bratislava — Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia, is divided into five national administrative districts ( sk. okres: I, II, III, IV, V) and into 17 boroughs ( sk. plural: mestské časti, literally: city parts, also translated as (city) districts or… …   Wikipedia

  • Boroughs incorporated in England and Wales 1835 - 1882 — The Municipal Corporations Act 1835 reformed 178 existing boroughs. It also allowed for further towns to submit petitions for the grant of a charter of incorporation as a municipal borough. There were 62 such incorporations before the 1835 act… …   Wikipedia

  • Boroughs and districts of Gothenburg — Gothenburg Municipality ( Göteborgs kommun ), Sweden is subdivided into 21 stadsdelsnämndsområden (roughly city district committee areas ). The term is often translated to borough . But they are really no boroughs, as they are no legal entities… …   Wikipedia

  • Boroughs and quarters of Hamburg — The city of Hamburg in Germany is made up of 7 boroughs (German: Bezirke , also known as districts or administrative districts ) and subdiveded into 105 quarters (German: Stadtteile ). Most of the quarters were former independent settlements. As… …   Wikipedia

  • Boroughs of Quebec City — This is a list of arrondissements (boroughs) in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.CurrentThe 8 boroughs are further divided into 36 quartiers ( neighbourhoods ), which are as of 2005 numbered instead of named.* La Cité * Les Rivières * Sainte Foy… …   Wikipedia

  • Boroughs of Canada — In Quebec, the term borough is used as the formal translation into English of the French arrondissement , an administrative subdivision of a major city. There are many boroughs in Quebec.East York, Ontario, although an independent municipality… …   Wikipedia

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