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  • aqueducts —    Water channels that carry freshwater from lakes or streams to distant towns. The Arabic word for aqueduct was qanat; the Persian word was kariz. In ancient Mesopotamia, the Assyrians and the Persians built aqueducts, mainly underground.    See …   Ancient Mesopotamia dictioary

  • aqueducts — aq·ue·duct || ækwɪdÊŒkt n. manmade canal for carrying water flow …   English contemporary dictionary

  • Inkan Aqueducts — The People of Tiwantinsuyu were great architects. They built many aqueducts for many purposes, such as drinking water or irrigation. Many aqueducts were cut directly into the stone of the ground. [ [… …   Wikipedia

  • List of aqueducts in the city of Rome — This page is a list of ancient Roman aqueducts in the city of Rome.IntroductionIn order to meet the massive water needs of its huge population, the city of Rome itself was supplied with 11 aqueducts. Their combined capacity was capable of… …   Wikipedia

  • List of canal aqueducts in the United Kingdom — This list of canal aqueducts in the United Kingdom covers aqueducts which have articles in Wikipedia. The actual number of canal aqueducts is much greater. Canal aqueducts in EnglandCanal aqueducts in ScotlandCanal aqueducts in Walesee also*… …   Wikipedia

  • List of Roman aqueducts by date — This is a list of Roman aqueducts listed in chronological order of their construction. Ancient Rome * Aqua Appia ** built in 312 B.C. ** source: springs convert|10|mi|km to the east of Rome ** length: convert|10|mi|km; underground from its source …   Wikipedia

  • List of aqueducts in the Roman Empire — This is a list of Roman aqueducts outside the city of Rome itself, sorted by modern country.IntroductionThe Romans built aqueducts in most sufficiently large cities in the Empire. Their remains (in some cases still functioning) may be found today …   Wikipedia

  • Shilhim —    Aqueducts, a town in the south of Judah (Josh. 15:32); called also Sharuhen and Shaaraim (19:6) …   Easton's Bible Dictionary

  • Aqueduct — An aqueduct is an artificial channel that is constructed to convey water from one location to another. The word is derived from the Latin aqua , water, and ducere ( to lead ). The word is also used for any bridge that carries water, similar to… …   Wikipedia

  • Sextus Julius Frontinus — (ca. 40 103 AD) was one of the most distinguished Roman aristocrats of the late first century AD, but is best known to the post Classical world as an author of technical treatises, especially one dealing with the aqueducts of Rome.In 70 he was… …   Wikipedia

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