To throw, impel. Contracted from *yeə₁-.
1. Extended zero-grade forms *yak-yo- and *yak-ē- (stative). gist, gite, jactitation, jess, jet2, jeté, jetsam, jettison, jetty1, joist, jut; abject, adjacent, adjective, amice, circumjacent, conjecture, deject, ejaculate, eject, inject, interject, object, parget, project, reject, subjacent, subject, superjacent, traject, from Latin iacere, to throw, lay, and iacēre, to lie down (< “to be thrown”) and iaculum, dart.
2. Basic form *yē- and zero-grade form *yə-. catheter, diesis, enema, paresis, synesis, from Greek hīenai, to send, throw.
[Pokorny i̯ē- 502.]

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