To go, transport in a vehicle. Oldest form *weg̑h-, becoming *wegh- in centum languages.
Derivatives include weight, away, wagon, earwig, devious, trivial, and vex.
1. weigh1, from Old English wegan, to carry, balance in a scale, from Germanic *wegan.
2. wee, from Old English wǣg(e), weight, unit of weight, from Germanic lengthened-grade form *wēgō.
3. Suffixed form *wegh-ti-. weight, from Old English wiht, gewiht, weight, from Germanic *wihti-.
a. way; always, away, from Old English weg, way;
b. Norwegian, from Old Norse vegr, way;
c. thalweg, from Old High German weg, way. a-c all from Germanic *wegaz, course of travel, way.
5. Suffixed o-grade form *wogh-no-.
a. wain, from Old English wæ(g)n, wagon;
b. wagon, from Middle Dutch wagen, wagon. Both a and b from Germanic *wagnaz.
6. Suffixed o-grade form *wogh-lo-.
a. walleyed, from Old Norse vagl, chicken roost, perch, beam, eye disease, from Germanic *waglaz;
b. ochlocracy, ochlophobia, from Greek okhlos, populace, mob (< “moving mass”).
7. Distantly related to this root are:
(i) graywacke, from Old High German waggo, wacko, boulder rolling on a riverbed, from Germanic *wag-, “to move about”
(ii) wag1, from Middle English waggen, to wag, possibly from Germanic *wag-;
b. vogue, from Old French voguer, to row, sail, from Old Saxon *wogōn, to rock, sway, from Germanic *wēga-, water in motion;
(i) earwig, from Old English wicga, insect (< “thing that moves quickly”);
(ii) wiggle, from Middle Dutch and Middle Low German wiggelen, to move back and forth, wag. Both (i) and (ii) from Germanic *wig-.
8. Basic form *wegh-. vector, vehement, vehicle; advection, convection, evection, invective, inveigh, from Latin vehere (past participle vectus), to carry.
9. Suffixed basic form *wegh-yā-. foy, via, viatical, voyage; convey, convoy, deviate, devious, envoi, envoy1, invoice, obviate, obvious, ogee, ogive, pervious, previous, trivial, trivium, viaduct, from Latin via, way, road.
10. Suffixed form *wegh-s-. vex, from Latin vexāre, to agitate (< “to set in motion”).
11. Probably suffixed form *wegh-so-. convex, from Latin convexus, “carried or drawn together (to a point),” convex (com-, together; see kom).
[Pokorny u̯eg̑h- 1118.]

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