To sit.
Derivatives include sit, soot, séance, siege, obsess, subside, soil1, and chair.
I. Basic form *sed-.
1. Suffixed form *sed-yo-.
a. sit, from Old English sittan, to sit;
b. sitz bath, sitzmark, from Old High German sizzen, to sit. Both a and b from Germanic *sitjan.
2. Suffixed form *sed-lo-, seat. settle, from Old English setl, seat, from Germanic *setlaz.
4. Suffixed form *sed-rā-. -hedron; cathedra, cathedral, chair, ephedrine, exedra, Sanhedrin, tetrahedron, from Greek hedrā, seat, chair, face of a geometric solid.
5. Prefixed and suffixed form *pi-sed-yo-, to sit upon (*pi, on; see epi). piezo-; isopiestic, from Greek piezein, to press tight.
6. Basic form *sed-.
a. edaphic, from Greek edaphos, ground, foundation (with Greek suffix -aphos);
b. Upanishad, from Sanskrit upaniṣad, Upanishad, from -sad, sitting;
c. tanist, from Old Irish tānaise, designated successor, from Celtic *tānihessio-, “one who is waited for,” from *to-ad-ni-sed-tio, from *to-ad-ni-sed-, to wait for (*ad-, to; see ad-).
7. Suffixed form *sed-o-, sitting. eisteddfod, from Welsh eistedd, sitting, from Celtic *eks-dī-sedo- (*eks-, out, and *dī-, out, from; see eghs and de-).
II. O-grade form *sod-.
1. Perhaps suffixed form *sod-dhlo-. saddle, from Old English sadol, saddle, from Germanic *sadulaz, seat, saddle.
2. Suffixed (causative) form *sod-eyo-.
a. set1, from Old English settan, to place;
b. beset, from Old English besettan, to set near;
c. ersatz, from Old High German irsezzan, to replace, from sezzan, to set. a-c all from Germanic *(bi-)satjan, to cause to sit, set.
3. Suffixed form *sod-yo-. soil1, from Latin solium, throne, seat.
III. Zero-grade form *-sd- (in compounds), assimilated to *-zd-.
1. Reduplicated form *si-sd- becoming *si-zd-.
a. subside, from Latin sīdere, to sit down, settle;
b. synizesis, from Greek hizein, to sit down, settle down.
2. Compound suffixed form *ni-zd-o-, nest, literally “(bird's place of) sitting down” (*ni-, down).
a. nest, from Old English nest, from Germanic *nistaz;
b. niche, nick, nide, nidus; eyas, nidicolous, nidifugous, nidify, from Latin nīdus. nest.
3. Compound suffixed form *kuzdho-zd- (see (s)keu-).
IV. Lengthened-grade form *sēd-.
1. see2, from Latin sēdēs, seat, residence.
2. Suffixed form *sēd-i-, settler. cosset, possibly from Old English -sǣta, -sǣte, inhabitant(s), from Germanic *sētōn-, *sēti-.
3. Suffixed form *sēd-yo-. seat, from Old Norse sæti, seat, from Germanic *(ge)sētjam, seat (*ge-, *ga-, collective prefix; see kom).
4. Suffixed form *sēd-ā-. sedate1, from Latin sēdāre, to settle, calm down.
5. Suffixed form *sēd-es-, seat. banshee, from Old Irish síd, fairy mound.
V. Lengthened o-grade form *sōd-. soot, from Old English sōt, soot (< “that which settles”), from Germanic *sōtam, from suffixed form *sōd-o-.
[Pokorny sed- 884.]

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