I. pel-1
Derivatives include pallor, falcon, and poliomyelitis.
1. Suffixed variant form *pal-wo-.
(i) fallow deer, from Old English fealu, fealo, reddish yellow;
(ii) fauvism, from Frankish *falw-, reddish-yellow. Both (i) and (ii) from Germanic *falwaz;
b. pale2, pallid, pallor; appall, from Latin pallēre, to be pale;
c. palomino, from Latin palumbēs (influenced in form by Latin columbus, dove), ringdove, “gray-bird.”
2. Probably suffixed form *pel-ko-. falcon; gyrfalcon, from Late Latin falcō, falcon, from Germanic *falkōn-, falcon (< “gray bird” but this is also possibly from the Late Latin).
3. Suffixed extended form *peli-wo-.
a. Pelops, from Greek pelios, dark;
b. o-grade form *poli-wo-. poliomyelitis, from Greek polios, gray.
4. Perhaps Greek pelargos, stork (< *pelawo-argos, “black-white bird” argos, white; see arg-): pelargonium.
[Pokorny 6. pel- 804.]
  II. pel-2
To fold.
1. Extended o-grade form *polt-.
a. fold1, from Old English fealdan, faldan, to fold;
b. faltboat, from Old High German faldan, to fold;
c. furbelow, from Italian falda, fold, flap, pleat;
(i) faldstool, from Medieval Latin compound faldistolium, folding chair;
(ii) fauteuil, from Old French faldestoel, faldstool. Both (i) and (ii) from Germanic compound *faldistōlaz, “folding stool” (*stōlaz, stool; see stā-);
e. -fold, from Old English -feald, -fald, -fold, from Germanic combining form *-falthaz, *-faldaz. a-e all from Germanic *falthan, *faldan.
2. Combining form *-plo-.
a. decuple, multiple, octuple, quadruple, quintuple, septuple, sextuple, triple, from Latin -plus, -fold (as in triplus, threefold);
b. -ploid; triploblastic, from Greek -plos, -ploos, -fold (as in haploos, haplous, single, and triploos, triple).
[Pokorny 3a. pel- 802.]
  III. pel-3
Skin, hide.
1. Suffixed form *pel-no-. fell3, from Old English fell, skin, hide, from Germanic *felnam.
2. film, from Old English filmen, membrane, from Germanic suffixed form *fel-man-ja-.
3. Suffixed form *pel-ni-. pelisse, pellicle, pelt1, peltry, pillion; pellagra, surplice, from Latin pellis, skin.
4. erysipelas, from Greek -pelas, skin.
5. Suffixed form *pel-to-. peltate, from Greek peltē, a shield (made of hide).
[Pokorny 3b. pel- 803.]
  IV. pel-4
To sell. Lengthened o-grade form *pōl-. bibliopole, monopoly, from Greek pōlein, to sell.
[Pokorny 5. pel- 804.]
  V. pel-5
To thrust, strike, drive.
Derivatives include anvil, filter, pulsate, polish, and appeal.
I. Suffixed form *pel-de-.
a. anvil, from Old English anfilt(e), anfealt, anvil (“something beaten on”);
(i) felt1, from Old English felt, felt;
(ii) filter, filtrate, from Medieval Latin filtrum, filter, piece of felt. Both (i) and (ii) from Germanic *feltaz, *filtiz, compressed wool. Both a and b from Germanic *felt-, *falt-, to beat.
a. Suffixed o-grade form *pol-o-, fuller of cloth. polish, from Latin polīre, to make smooth, polish (< “to full cloth”);
b. suffixed o-grade form *pol-o- (with different accentuation from the preceding), fulled (of cloth). interpolate, from Latin compound adjective interpolis (also interpolus), refurbished (inter-, between; see en).
II. Extended form *pelə₂-.
1. Present stem *pelnā-.
a. appeal, peal, rappel, repeal, from Latin appellāre, “to drive to,” address, entreat, appeal, call (ad-, to; see ad-);
b. compellation, from Latin compellāre, to accost, address (com-, intensive prefix; see kom).
2. Possible suffixed zero-grade extended adverbial form *pl̥ə-ti-, or locative plural *pl̥ə-si. plesiosaur, from Greek plēsios, near (< “pushed toward”), from pre-Greek *plāti or *plāsi.
[Pokorny 2a. pel- 801.]

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