1. Suffixed form *nebh-(e)lo-.
a. Niflheim, from Old Norse nifl-, “mist” or “dark,” probably from Germanic *nibila-;
b. Nibelung, from Old High German Nibulunc, Nibilung, from Germanic suffixed patronymic form *nibul-unga-, beside Old High German nebul, mist, fog, from Germanic *nebla-.
2. Suffixed form *nebh-elā-.
a. nebula, nebulous, from Latin nebula, cloud;
b. nepheline; nephelometer, from Greek nephelē, cloud.
3. Suffixed form *nebh-es-. nephology, from Greek nephos, cloud.
4. Nasalized form *ne-m-bh-. nimbus, from Latin nimbus, rain, cloud, aura.
[Pokorny 2. (enebh-) 315.]

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