I. mā-1
Good; with derivatives meaning “occurring at a good moment, timely, seasonable, early.” Oldest form *meə₂-, colored to *maə₂-, contracted to *mā-.
1. Suffixed form *mā-tu-.
a. Further suffixed form *mā-tu-ro-. mature; immature, premature, from Latin mātūrus, seasonable, ripe, mature;
b. further suffixed form *mā-tu-to-. matinee, matins, matutinal, from Latin Mātūta, name of the goddess of dawn.
2. Suffixed form *mā-ni-.
a. mañana, from Latin māne, (in) the morning;
b. manes, from Latin mānis, mānus, good.
[Pokorny 2. mā- 693.]
  II. mā-2
Mother. A linguistic near-universal found in many of the world's languages, often in reduplicated form.
1. mamma2, mammal, mammilla, from Latin mamma, breast.
2. Probably from this root is Greek Maia, “good mother” (respectful form of address to old women), also nurse: Maia, maieutic; maiasaur.
3. mama, more recently formed in the same way.
[Pokorny 3. 694.]

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