Also kʷyeə-. To rest, be quiet. Oldest forms *kʷeiə₁-, *kʷyeə₁-.
Derivatives include while, coy, and requiem.
I. Suffixed zero-grade form *kʷī-lo- (< *kʷiə-lo-).
a. while, from Old English hwīl, while;
b. whilom, from Old English hwīlum, sometimes. Both a and b from Germanic *hwīlō.
2. Possibly Latin tranquillus, tranquil (trāns, across, beyond; see terə-2): tranquil.
II. Variant form *kʷyē- (< *kʷyeə-).
1. Suffixed form *kʷyē-t-. requiem, from Latin quiēs, rest, quiet.
2. Suffixed form *kʷyē-ske-. coy, quiet, quit; acquiesce, acquit, quitclaim, quite, quitrent, requiescat, from Latin quiēscere (past participle quiētus), to rest.
[Pokorny kᵘ̯eiə- 638.]

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