I. kʷei-1
To pay, atone, compensate. Suffixed o-grade form *kʷoi-nā-. pain, penal, penalty, pine2, punish; impunity, penology, punitory, repine, subpoena, from Greek poinē, fine, penalty.
[Pokorny 1. kᵘ̯ei-(t-) 636.]
  II. kʷei-2
To pile up, build, make. O-grade form *kʷoi-.
a. cheetah, from Sanskrit kāyaḥ, body;
b. suffixed form *kʷoi-wo-, making, in denominative verb *kʷoiw-eyo-. poem, poesy, poet, poetic, -poiesis, -poietic; epopee, mythopoeic, onomatopoeia, pharmacopoeia, from Greek poiein, to make, create.
[Pokorny 2. kᵘ̯ei- 637.]

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