To swell. Extension of bhel-2. Oldest form *bhelg̑h-, becoming *bhelgh- in centum languages.
1. O-grade form *bholgh-. bellows, belly, from Old English bel(i)g, bælig, bag, bellows, from Germanic *balgiz.
2. Zero-grade form *bhl̥gh-. billow, from Old Norse bylgja, a wave, from Germanic *bulgjan.
3. Zero-grade form *bhl̥gh-. bolster, from Old English bolster, cushion, from Germanic *bulgstraz.
4. O-grade form *bholgh-. blagging, budget, bulge, from Latin bulga, leather sack, from Celtic *bolg-.
[Pokorny bhelg̑h- 125.]

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