To share out, apportion, also to get a share.
1. -phage, -phagia, phago-, -phagous; esophagus, from Greek phagein, to eat (< “to have a share of food”).
2. porgy, from Greek phagros, whetstone (“eater, that eats metal”), also a name for the sea bream, from Greek suffixed form *phag-ro-.
3. nebbish, from a Slavic source akin to Czech neboh, poor, unfortunate, from Common Slavic *ne-bogŭ, poor (“un-endowed”).
4. pagoda; Bhagavad-Gita, from Sanskrit bhagaḥ, good fortune.
5. bhakti, from Sanskrit bhajati, he apportions.
6. Extended form *bhags-. baksheesh, buckshee, from Persian bakhshīdan, to give, from Avestan bakhsh-.
[Pokorny 1. bhag- 107.]

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