Ural River

Ural River
river flowing from the S section of the Urals into the N end of the Caspian Sea: 1,575 mi (2,535 km)

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River, Russia and Kazakhstan.

Rising at the southern end of the Ural Mountains, it flows southwest to cross through western Kazakhstan to the Caspian Sea at Atyrau. It is 1,509 mi (2,428 km) long and drains an area of 91,500 sq mi (237,000 sq km). Its lower course is navigable.

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Kazak  Zhayyq 

      river in Russia and Kazakhstan. The Ural is 1,509 miles (2,428 km) long and drains an area of 91,500 square miles (237,000 square km). It rises in the Ural Mountains near Mount Kruglaya and flows south along their eastern flank past Magnitogorsk. At Orsk it cuts westward across the southern end of the Urals, past Orenburg, and turns south again across a lowland of semidesert to enter the Caspian Sea at Atyraū. Its flow has a great spring maximum, and freeze-up lasts from late November to April. Navigation on the river is possible up to the city of Oral in Kazakhstan. A dam and hydroelectric station have been built at Iriklinsky, south of Magnitogorsk.

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