parathormone [par΄əthôr′mōn΄]
a hormone secreted by the parathyroids, important in the control of the calcium-phosphorus balance of the body: also parathyroid hormone

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  • parathormone — [ paratɔrmɔn ] n. f. • 1941; de parath(yroïde) et hormone ♦ Méd. Hormone sécrétée par la parathyroïde. La parathormone règle le taux de phosphore et de calcium de l organisme. ● parathormone nom féminin (de parathyroïde et hormone) Hormone… …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • parathormone — [par΄əthôr′mōn΄] n. a hormone secreted by the parathyroids, important in the control of the calcium phosphorus balance of the body: also parathyroid hormone …   English World dictionary

  • Parathormone — La parathormone ou hormone parathyroïdienne (PTH = Parathyroïd hormone (anglais) ou PTHi = PTH intacte) est une hormone peptidique, hypercalcémiante, sécrétée par les glandes parathyroïdes. Sommaire 1 Structure 2 Effets 3 Régulation …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Parathormone — Hormone made by the parathyroid gland (behind the thyroid gland in the neck). Parathormone (pronounced para thor mone) is critical to calcium and phosphorus balance. Deficiency of parathormone results in abnormally low calcium in the blood… …   Medical dictionary

  • parathormone — noun Etymology: from Parathormone, a trademark Date: 1925 parathyroid hormone …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • parathormone — A substance made by the parathyroid gland that helps the body store and use calcium. A higher than normal amount of parathormone causes high levels of calcium in the blood and may be a sign of disease. Also called parathyroid hormone, parathyrin …   English dictionary of cancer terms

  • parathormone — (= parathyrin; parathyroid hormone) A peptide hormone of 84 amino acids (9402 D). Stimulates osteoclasts to increase blood calcium levels, the opposite effect to calcitonin …   Dictionary of molecular biology

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