major orders

major orders
the Christian clergy orders of deacon, priest, or bishop

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  • major orders — plural noun In the Roman Catholic Church, the higher degrees of holy orders, ie bishop, priest and deacon • • • Main Entry: ↑major * * * major orders, = holy orders. (Cf. ↑holy orders) …   Useful english dictionary

  • major orders — n. the Christian clergy orders of deacon, priest, or bishop …   English World dictionary

  • Major orders — Pope praying the prayer of consecration. The term major orders or sacred orders was a part of the clerical terminology of the Roman Catholic Church until shortly after the Second Vatican Council, when the use widely disappeared due to reform of… …   Wikipedia

  • Major orders — The higher ranks of the *clergy were the three orders: bishop, priest and deacon. Cf. Minor orders …   Dictionary of Medieval Terms and Phrases

  • Major Orders — the higher grades of the Christian ministry; those of bishop, priest and deacon ♦ Subdeacon, deacon and priest, to whom marriage was forbidden. (Heath, Peter. Church and Realm, 1272 1461, 363) Related terms: Minor Orders, Orders …   Medieval glossary

  • Major orders — the higher ranks of the Christian ministry, comprising the orders of bishop, priest, deacon and sub deacon …   Medieval glossary

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  • Orders — a) with respect to the monastic or regular life, groups of communities following the same rule or under a common administrative and spiritual structure b) with respect to the Christian ministry, the various grades consisting of the major orders… …   Medieval glossary

  • Orders of clergy — the various grades consisting of the major orders bishop, priest, deacon, sub deacon and the minor orders acolyte, exorcist, reader, doorkeeper …   Medieval glossary

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