cocoa butter

cocoa butter
a yellowish-white fat prepared from cacao seeds: used in pharmacy and in making cosmetics and chocolate candies

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also called  theobroma oil 

      pale-yellow, edible vegetable fat obtained from cocoa beans, having a mild chocolate flavour and aroma, and used in the manufacture of chocolate confections, pharmaceutical ointments, and toiletries. It is valued for its melting characteristics, remaining brittle at room temperature or lower but melting just below body temperature. One of the most stable fats known, cocoa butter contains antioxidants that discourage rancidity and allow storage life of two to five years. Its use with other fats improves their stability. Treatment of cocoa butter to remove aroma and colour also removes antioxidants, increasing susceptibility to rancidity.

      Cocoa butter is an important component of eating chocolate. Although the chocolate liquor used in manufacturing eating chocolate already contains cocoa butter, an additional amount is required to produce a molded product that remains firm until dissolved in the mouth. The amount of fat obtained from hydraulic pressing of chocolate liquor in cocoa manufacture has become insufficient for the demands of chocolate production, and whole cocoa beans or nibs may be processed mainly for their cocoa butter content. Because of the high cost of cocoa butter, substitutes have been developed, including a type suitable for warm weather because of its higher melting point; such fats, which many countries prohibit in products sold as pure chocolate, impart waxy texture and taste similar to that of cocoa butter. See also chocolate.

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