zo·o·xan·thel·la (zō'ə-zăn-thĕlʹə) n. pl. zo·o·xan·thel·lae (-thĕlʹē)
Any of various yellow-green algae that live symbiotically within the cells of other organisms, such as those of certain radiolarians and marine invertebrates.
  [New Latin : zoo- + xantho- + -ella, diminutive suff.]

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      flagellate protozoan (or alga) with yellow or brown pigments contained in chromatophores that lives in other protozoa (foraminiferans and radiolarians) and in some invertebrates. In illuminated conditions, zooxanthellae use the carbon dioxide and waste materials of the host, supplying oxygen and food substances in return. They spend their resting stage in the host; at times they escape and become free-swimming, independent flagellates. Examples of zooxanthellae are Cryptomonas (see cryptomonad) and Chrysidella.

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