blowfly [blō′flī΄]
pl. blowfliesBLOW1 (vi. 9) + FLY2
any of a family (Calliphoridae) of dipterous flies that deposit eggs or maggots in carrion or meat, or in wounds or on the skin

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blow·fly (blōʹflī') n.
Any of several flies of the family Calliphoridae that deposit their eggs in carcasses or carrion or in open sores and wounds.

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Any member of the dipteran family Calliphoridae, including the screwworm and the bluebottle, greenbottle, and cluster flies.

Metallic blue, green, or bronze, and noisy in flight, blowflies resemble the housefly in size and habits. The larvae usually feed on decaying flesh and sometimes infest open wounds. They may help prevent infection by cleaning away dead flesh, but may also destroy healthy tissue. Blowflies were once used to treat gangrene and a human bone disease and were used in World War I to clean soldiers' wounds. Some species seriously hurt or kill livestock by massive infestation or by carrying diseases such as anthrax, dysentery, and jaundice.

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