wax plant n.
A southeast Asian tropical vine (Hoya carnosa) having waxy white or pinkish flowers.

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also spelled  Wax Plant, 

      any of a number of unrelated plants that are waxy in some respect. Most popular as greenhouse plants or window plants are several species of Hoya, called wax plants, or wax vines, especially H. carnosa and H. bella, of the milkweed family (Asclepiadaceae). Both are slow-growing, twining, leathery-leaved plants with small, stiff, waxy, long-lasting, star-shaped flowers in showy clusters.

      H. carnosa has several cultivated varieties with white to rosy-pink flowers; one such variety, the Hindu rope vine, has twisted, distorted leaves that may be variegated cream, yellow, and pink. The miniature wax plant (H. bella) is more compact and has smaller leaves and purple-centred white flowers.

      The wax begonia (see begonia) is a waxy-leaved bedding and pot plant. The wax-leaved privet, or white wax tree, is a landscape plant used in warm climates. The wax tree (Rhus succedanea) is a Japanese tree grown for its waxy berries and stem juices that yield a natural lacquer. The wax vine, or cape ivy (Senecio macroglossus), which has thick waxy succulent leaves, is used as a ground cover in warm regions and as a basket plant indoors, especially in its variegated form. A succulent, the green Mexican rose (Echeveria gilva), is called wax-rosette for its cluster of waxy leaves.

      The Geraldton wax plant (Chamelaucium uncinatum), in the myrtle family (Myrtaceae), from Australia, is a heathlike shrub with waxy white, pink, or lilac flowers. Plants sometimes called wax flower include Anthurium (q.v.) and Stephanotis.

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