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  • triploidy — n. the condition of being triploid. * * * ˈtriˌplȯidē noun ( es) Etymology: triploid + y : the state of being triploid triploidy in higher animals is not common H.P.Riley * * * tripˈloidy noun The state of being triploid • • • M …   Useful english dictionary

  • triploidy — noun see triploid …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • triploidy — noun a) The state of being triploid, having three sets of chromosomes. b) An instance of being triploid …   Wiktionary

  • triploidy — The presence of three haploid sets of chromosomes, instead of two, in all cells; results in fetal or neonatal death. * * * trip·loi·dy (tripґloi de) the presence in humans of 69 chromosomes, or three full sets …   Medical dictionary

  • triploidy — trip·loi·dy …   English syllables

  • triploid — triploidy, n. /trip loyd/, Biol. adj. 1. having a chromosome number that is three times the basic or haploid number. n. 2. a triploid cell or organism. [1910 15; TRI + PLOID] * * * …   Universalium

  • Polyploidy — occurs in cells and organisms when there are more than two homologous sets of chromosomes.Most organisms are normally diploid; polyploidy may occur due to abnormal cell division. It is most commonly found in plants. Haploidy may also occur as a… …   Wikipedia

  • Polyploid — This image shows haploid (single), diploid (double), triploid (triple), and tetraploid (quadruple) sets of chromosomes. Triploid and tetraploid chromosomes are examples of polyploidy. Polyploid is a term used to describe cells and organisms… …   Wikipedia

  • Triploid Syndrome — is an extremely rare chromosomal disorder. Individuals with triploid syndrome have three of every chromosome for a total of sixty nine rather than the normal forty six chromosomes. Babies with Triploid Syndrome usually are lost through early… …   Wikipedia

  • triploid — Pertaining to or characteristic of triploidy. [tri + ploid] * * * trip·loid trip .lȯid adj having or being a chromosome number three times the monoploid number trip·loi·dy .lȯid ē n, pl dies triploid n …   Medical dictionary

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