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  • transmutative — tran(t)ˈsmyüd.əd.iv, traan , nzˈm , ütətiv adjective Etymology: Medieval Latin transmutativus, from Latin transmutatus + ivus ive : of, relating to, or involving transmutation : serving or tending to transmute a transmutative effect a… …   Useful english dictionary

  • transmutative — adjective see transmutation …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • transmutative — trans·mut·ative …   English syllables

  • transmutation — noun Etymology: Middle English transmutacioun, from Anglo French or Latin; Anglo French transmutacion, from Latin transmutation , transmutatio, from transmutare Date: 14th century an act or instance of transmuting or being transmuted: as a. the… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Atomism — (from ancient Greek atomos, meaning uncuttable ) is a natural philosophy that developed in several ancient traditions. The atomists theorized that the natural world consists of two fundamental parts: indivisible atoms and empty void. According to …   Wikipedia

  • transmutation — transmutational, transmutative /trans myooh teuh tiv, tranz /, adj. transmutationist, n. /trans myooh tay sheuhn, tranz /, n. 1. the act or process of transmuting. 2. the fact or state of being transmuted. 3. change into another nature, substance …   Universalium

  • Jābir ibn Ḥayyān, Abū Mūsā — ▪ Arabian alchemist Introduction born c. 721, Ṭūs, Iran died c. 815, Al Kūfah, Iraq       alchemist (alchemy) known as the father of Arab chemistry. He systematized a “quantitative” analysis of substances and was the inspiration for Geber, a… …   Universalium

  • transmute — [tranz mju:t, trα:nz , ns ] verb change in form, nature, or substance. ↘subject (an element) to transmutation. Derivatives transmutability noun transmutable adjective transmutative adjective transmuter …   English new terms dictionary

  • mutable — adj 1. changeable, variable, alterable, modifiable, permutable, transformable, transformative, transmutable, transmutative, transmutational; commutable, substitutive, substitutable, substitutional, substitutionary, transposable, exchangeable,… …   A Note on the Style of the synonym finder

  • transmutation — /trænzmjuˈteɪʃən/ (say tranzmyooh tayshuhn) noun 1. the act of transmuting. 2. the fact or state of being transmuted. 3. a change into another nature, substance, form, or condition. 4. Biology the transformation of one species into another. 5.… …   Australian-English dictionary

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