Tim·u·cu·a (tĭm'ə-ko͞oʹə) n. pl. Timucua or Timu·cu·as
a. A Native American people formerly inhabiting much of northern Florida, extinct since the early 18th century.
b. A member of this people.
2. The extinct language of the Timucua.

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      North American Indian tribe that inhabited the northeast coast of what is now Florida (Florida). This name is also used for the language they spoke. The estimated population of Timucua speakers was 13,000 in 1650, with 8,000 speaking Timucua proper and the remainder speaking various sister tongues. Their first European contact was probably with the expedition of Ponce de León in the 16th century. They were later missionized by the Franciscans (Franciscan), who compiled a grammar of their language.

      In the early 1700s Timucua territory was invaded by the Creek Indians and the English. As a result of these incursions, many Timucua died in armed conflict, perished from deprivation, or succumbed to Old World diseases to which they had no immunity. Sometime after 1736 the remnants of the tribe moved to the area near the present Mosquito Lagoon in Florida. It is likely that the remaining Timucua were eventually absorbed into Seminole culture.

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