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  • bidirectionality — noun The state or condition of being bidirectional …   Wiktionary

  • bidirectional — bidirectionality, n. bidirectionally, adv. /buy di rek sheuh nl, duy /, adj. capable of reacting or functioning in two, usually opposite, directions. [1940 45; BI 1 + DIRECTIONAL] * * * …   Universalium

  • Holon (philosophy) — A holon (Greek: holos , whole ) is something that is simultaneously a whole and a part. The word was coined by Arthur Koestler in his book The Ghost in the Machine (1967, p. 48). Koestler was compelled by two observations in proposing the notion… …   Wikipedia

  • Enquire — was an early project (in the second half of 1980) of Tim Berners Lee, who went on to create the World Wide Web in 1989. ENQUIRE had some of the same ideas as the Web and the Semantic Web but was different in several important ways, one of them… …   Wikipedia

  • Glucose transporter — Glucose Glucose transporters are a wide group of membrane proteins that facilitate the transport of glucose over a plasma membrane. Because glucose is a vital source of energy for all life these transporters are present in all phyla. The GLUT or… …   Wikipedia

  • Code page 862 — is a code page for Hebrew under DOS. Like ISO 8859 8, it encodes only letters, not vowel points or cantillation marks. It has the Hebrew letters in positions 80–9A hex, but otherwise it is identical to CP 437. As DOS had no inherent… …   Wikipedia

  • Behavior analysis of child development — Child development in behavior analytic theory has origins in John B. Watson s behaviorism.[1] Watson wrote extensively on child development and conducted research (see Little Albert experiment). Watson was instrumental in the modification of… …   Wikipedia

  • bidirectionally — See bidirectionality. * * * …   Universalium

  • Chemorepulsion — is the directional movement of a cell away from a substance. Of the two directional varieties of chemotaxis, chemoattraction has been studied to a much greater extent. Only recently have the key components of the chemorepulsive pathway been… …   Wikipedia

  • bi|di|rec|tion|al|i|ty — «BY duh REHK shuh NUHL uh tee», noun. the quality or state of being bidirectional: »the bidirectionality of electronic switches …   Useful english dictionary

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