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  • sphincteral — adjective Of or pertaining to the sphincter. Syn: sphincteric …   Wiktionary

  • sphincteral — Relating to a sphincter. SYN: sphincterial, sphincteric …   Medical dictionary

  • sphincteral — adj. of or pertaining to a sphincter, of a ring shaped muscle whose function is to constrict or close the body opening or passage which it surrounds …   English contemporary dictionary

  • sphincteral — sphinc·ter·al …   English syllables

  • sphincteral — tərəl adjective : of, relating to, or functioning as a sphincter * * * sphincˈteral, sphincterial / tēˈri əl/ or sphincteric / terˈik/ adjective • • • Main Entry: ↑sphincter …   Useful english dictionary

  • sphincteral achalasia — failure of a sphincter to relax in response to a normal physiological stimulus, usually seen in the gastrointestinal tract …   Medical dictionary

  • sphincter — sphincteral, sphincterial /sfingk tear ee euhl/, sphincteric /sfingk ter ik/, sphincterate /sfingk teuhr it, teuh rayt /, adj. /sfingk teuhr/, n. Anat. a circular band of voluntary or involuntary muscle that encircles an orifice of the body or… …   Universalium

  • GELF — G.E.L.F. or simply GELF is an acronym for Genetically Engineered LifeForm. It was used in two science fiction television programs, the U.S. drama seaQuest DSV and the British sitcom Red Dwarf . seaQuest DSVWhen NBC decided they wanted more… …   Wikipedia

  • sphincteric — adjective sphincteral …   Wiktionary

  • sphincter — A muscle that encircles a duct, tube, or orifice in such a way that its contraction constricts the lumen or orifice. SYN: musculus s. [TA], s. muscle [TA]. [G. sphinkter, a band or lace] s. of ampulla s. of hepatopancreatic ampulla. anatomic s.… …   Medical dictionary

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