Ber·ni·ci·a (bər-nĭshʹē-ə, -nĭshʹə, bĕr-)
A sixth-century A.D. Anglian kingdom in present-day northeast England and southeast Scotland. It was later part of the kingdom of Northumbria.

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Ancient northern Anglo-Saxon kingdom.

It stretched northward from perhaps as far south as the River Tees, ultimately reaching the Firth of Forth. By the end of the 7th century AD it had united with its neighbour Deira to form the kingdom of Northumbria. It had a royal residence at coastal Bamburgh. The first recorded king, Ida, was crowned there in 547; his grandson Aethelfrith (r. 593–616) united Bernicia and Deira.

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▪ ancient kingdom, England
      in British history, a northern Anglo-Saxon kingdom that by the last quarter of the 7th century had become permanently united with its neighbour Deira to form the kingdom of Northumbria. Bernicia stretched northward from perhaps as far south as the River Tees, ultimately reaching the Firth of Forth and beyond the Solway Firth. It had a royal residence at Bamburgh on the coast and another at Yeavering, about 20 miles (32 km) inland, where excavation has revealed an impressive group of buildings.

      The first recorded king of Bernicia was Ida, who acceded in 547 or c. 558. His grandson Aethelfrith, who reigned from 593 to 616, united Bernicia and Deira, and Aethelfrith's successor, King Edwin of Deira, ruled both kingdoms. Aethelfrith's son Oswald also ruled both kingdoms, but, following Oswald's death in 641, his brother succeeded in Bernicia, while other kings were chosen by the Deirans and ruled independently until 678.

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