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  • Silesian — may refer to:* Silesia, a region in central Europe * Silesians, an ethnic group * Silesian German, a group of german dialects * Silesian Polish, a group of polish dialects *Silesian, an age of the geologic timescale …   Wikipedia

  • Silesian — Si*le si*an, a. Of or pertaining to Silesia. n. A native or inhabitant of Silesia. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Silesian — 1. adjective Of or pertaining to Silesia 2. noun a) Upper Silesian, West Slavic language spoken in southwestern parts of Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic. b) Lower Sile …   Wiktionary

  • Silesian architecture — is the name given to the constructions made in Silesia throughout time, and those by Silesian architects world wide. The name is also applied to buildings made within its geographical limits before the constitution of Silesia as a duchy (than… …   Wikipedia

  • Silesian (disambiguation) — Silesian as an adjective can mean anything from or related to Silesia. As a noun, it refers to an article, item, or person of or from Silesia. Silesian may also refer to:;People *Silesians, inhabitants of Silesia, either a West Slavic (for… …   Wikipedia

  • Silesian-American Corporation — Silesian American Corporation, SACO – was a holding company for Giesche Spolka Akcyjna (Giesche Corporation), operating in Upper Silesia, Poland during interwar times. Silesian American held 100% of Giesche Spolka Akcyjna stock.SACO was… …   Wikipedia

  • Silesian Culture and Recreation Park — or Silesian Central Park or Voivodship Culture and Recreation Park ( pl. Śląski Park Kultury i Wypoczynku, Wojewódzki Park Kultury i Wypoczynku), also sometimes unofficially referred to as General Jerzy Ziętek Park , is a recreation complex in… …   Wikipedia

  • Silesian Parliament — or Silesian Sejm ( pl. Sejm Śląski) was the governing body of the Autonomous Silesian Voivodeship, an autonomous voivodeship of the Second Polish Republic between 1920 and 1939. It was elected in democratic elections and had certain influence… …   Wikipedia

  • Silesian Treasury — (pl: Skarb Śląski) name of the treasury of the Silesian Voivodeship. Contents 1 General information 2 Vault 3 See also 4 External links …   Wikipedia

  • Silesian Interurbans — one of the largest tram (streetcar) systems in the world has been in existence since 1894. The system is spread over more than 50 kilometres (east west axis) and covers thirteen towns in the Upper Silesia metropolitan area (Southern Poland) and… …   Wikipedia

  • Silesian Highlands — (or Silesian Uplands, pl. Wyżyna Śląska) are highlands located in Silesia, Poland.Its highest point is the Mountain of St. Anne (400 m).ee also*Silesian Lowlands *Silesian Lusatian Lowlands *Silesian Foothills *Silesian Moravian Foothills …   Wikipedia

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